What We Do

What We Do

Addressing Economic Challenges

Young women in Eswatini face economic challenges that force them to prioritize their short-term financial needs over their long-term health. Swazi SHEROES is a promising initiative that provides women with access to necessary support and resources, empowering them to achieve economic independence and move towards a more thriving future. Through Swazi SHEROES, women can access a range of holistic support services, including business skills training, mentorship, psychosocial support, financial literacy, and job skills training.


Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Transactional Sex

Swazi SHEROES envisions an Eswatini where women can climb out of poverty and be released from dependence on transactional sex. By empowering women to achieve economic independence, Swazi SHEROES aims to decrease the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Eswatini and transform the lives of young women and their communities.


Holistic Support for Transformation

Swazi SHEROES provides a strategic mix of program elements that empower young women in Eswatini to fully flourish. By offering a range of support services, including job placement, communication and life skills training, parenting skills, and community service, Swazi SHEROES recognizes that true transformation comes from empowering the whole SHERO. This approach is what sets Swazi SHEROES apart and makes it a unique and effective initiative.